WARTHOG® Sewer Nozzles

Tools for all Purpose Sewer Cleaning

WV new
Our WARTHOG® line of tools are designed to be the most effective sewer cleaning tools on
the market. (Notet that the new WV-1/4 TM has an innovative design that differs from the rest
of the family due to its extraordinarily small size.) Benefits of the WARTHOG® include:

• Patented controlled rotation Jets evenly clean
  the pipe at a controlled and therefore a more
  productive speed.

warthog 6• Fewer number of jets More power per jet
  results in superior root cutting and unmatched
  wall cleaning.

• Easy field maintenance Requirements are
  simple and quick. Customers spend an
  average of 15 minutes per year replacing the
  seals.Our rugged design and simple to follow
  repair videos make it easy to keep your tool in
  top condition.

• Replaceable nozzle tips Our hard hitting Attack
  Tip nozzles are field replaceable and keep your
  tool performing at its best.


Shown above, the WV-1/4 TM is the newest member of the WARTHOG ® family. It differs from our other WARTHOG ® tools in that it features a revolutionary maintenance-free design, eliminating the need for field maintenance and replacing seals. It can handle lines as small as 2”.



WARTHOG - 5 Models to Fit Your Pumps and Pipes
WV-1/4 2 in. - 4 in. 4,000 psi 8 gpm 2.0 in. 1.3 in. 1/4 npt
WT-3/8 3 in. - 6 in. 4,000 psi 5-12 gpm 3.0 in. 1.9 in. 3/8” npt
WS-1/2 4 in. - 8 in. 4,000 psi 8-20 gpm 4.4 in. 1.7 in. 1/2” npt
WH-1/2 & 3/4 6 in. - 18 in. 8,000 psi 10-45 gpm 7.5 in. 2.4 in. 1/2” or 3/4” npt or BSPP
WG-1 8 in. - 36 in. 3,000 psi 50-80 gpm 9.1 in. 2.7 in. 1" npt or BSPP
WD 1-1/4 8 in. - 36 in. 3,000 psi 80-120 gpm 9.1 in. 2.7 in. 1-1/4” npt or BSPP



Tools for all Purpose Sewer Cleaning

We offer six WARTHOG ® models to handle the wide spectrum of sewer cleaning challenges. Our tools are used in municipal, industrial, commercial and residential drain cleaning applications around the world. WARTHOG ® tools (except the WV-1/4 TM) are speed controlled, use fewer more powerful jets, and utilize replaceable nozzle tips that are sized to get the most efficiency and effectiveness from your pump. These tools are highly productive and they eliminate the need for using several types of specialty tools.

WV-1/4  2”- 4” Lines
The WV-1/4 TM is our newest edition to the
WARTHOG ® family. The WV-1/4 TM is designed to clean 2-4” lines found in both commercial and residential applications.
 WV klein
WT-3/8 3”- 6” Lines
The WT-3/8 TM is the second smallest
WARTHOG ® family member, specializing
in sewer lines from 3`” - 6”.It features a 3/8 npt inlet port or BSPP .
WS-1/2 4”- 8” Lines
The WS-1/2 TM is the next largest WARTHOG ® tool, designed to handle
lines from 4”- 8”. The WS TM features a 1/2 npt inlet port and flows from 8-20 gpm.


WARTHOG ®    WV,WT & WS Specifications
ModelWV-1/4 WT-3/8WS-1/2
Maximum Pressure4,000 psi 275 bar4,000 psi 275 bar4,000 psi 275 bar
Operating Pressure2-4k psi 100-275 bar1,5 - 4psi 100-275 bar1,5 - 4 psi 100-275 bar
Rotation SpeedHigh Speed300-500 rpm200-500 rpm
Flow3-8 gpm 11-30 lpm5-12 gpm 20-40 lpm8-20 gpm 30-70 lpm
Flow Rating0.8 Cv0.75 Cv1.3 Cv
Pulling Force9 lbs 40 nt5-20 lbs 22-89 nt9-27 lbs 40-120 nt
Inlet Port1/4 npt3/8 npt1/2 npt
Tool Diameter2.0 in. 48 mm2.0 in. 48 mm1.9 in. 44 mm
Length1.3 in. 33 mm3.0 in. 76 mm4.4 in. 112 mm
Ports3 drilled 3 x 1/8 npt3 x 1/8 npt
Weight Complete0.45 lb .20 kg1.2 lb .54 kg2.95 lb 1.33 kg



WH-1/2 & WH-3/4 6”-18” Lines
The WH-1/2 and the WH-3/4 are the same tool but offered with different inlet port sizes to match either 1⁄2” or 3⁄4”npt. The WH models are best for 6”-18” lines. These tools are most commonly used with small combination trucks and large trailer jetters.
WG-1 8”- 36” Lines
The WG-1 is the proven choice for municipalities who are faced with cleaning 8”– 36” pipes. Large combination trucks with 1” hose use this tool predominately. Municipalities all across America are relying on this tool to handle their biggest challenges.
WD 1-1/4 High Flow
This is our high-flow model. The WD 1-1/4 TM is designed to handle all the same applications as the WG-1 TM except it operates at 80-120 gpm
flows. Inlet ports are either 1-¼ npt or BSPP and it has 7 jet ports.




WARTHOG® WH, WG & WD Specifications
ModelWH-1/2 & WH 3/4WG-1WD 1-1/4
Maximum Pressure8,000 psi 550 bar3.000 psi 200 bar3.000 psi 200 bar
Operating Pressure1,5 - 8 psi 100-550 bar1,5 - 3 psi 100-200 bar1,5 - 3 psi 100-200 bar
Rotation Speed150-300 rpm150-300 rpm150-300 rpm
Flow10-45 gpm 40-170 lpm50-80 gpm 190-300 lpm80-120 gpm 190-450 lpm
Flow Rating3.0 Cv4.6 Cv7.6 Cv
Pulling Force18-50 lbs 80-220 nt70-100 lbs 310-450 nt130-190 lbs 578-855 nt
Inlet Port1/2 npt, 3/4 npt or BSPP1 npt or BSPP1-1/4 npt or BSPP
Length7.5 in. 191 mm9.1 in. 231 mm9.1 in. 231 mm
Tool Diameter3.1 in. 79 mm4.2 in. 107 mm4.2 in. 107 mm
Ports3 x 1/8 npt5 x 1/8 npt7 x 1/8 npt AP2
Weight Complete4.7 lbs 2.1 kg10.9 lbs 4.9 kg11 lbs 5.0 kg


Extra Features Enhance Productivity

Descaling Jets
105˚ jet ports can be added to the rotating head to enhance removal of scale from a drain surface. (Not available with the WT model.) Tuberculation, corrosion products, soap, scale and minerals respond well to this option. Note: The front port is intentionally plugged to allow more jetting force to be applied to the wall of the pipe. New tools can be purchased with this option or existing heads can be sent to us to be modified.




Carbide Wear Resistance
New this year, we’ve added a carbide button option to the WT-3/8 model, specifically designed to handle demanding applications. Pipes made of cast iron or those that have sand or silt can act as abrasive agents that aggressively wear out the tool. Our carbide buttons add 3 times the life to a standard WT and are available in all offsets.

softdig1Soft Dig Heads for Hydro-Excavation
There is a rapidly growing technology within the vacuum truck industry called Hydro-Excavation, where contractors can utilize their vacuum trucks to replace manual digging. This is a real benefit for companies that need to locate utility lines without the dangers of heavy industrial equipment. StoneAge® designed a simple and inexpensive assembly with two 1/4” npt Attack Tip nozzles and a protective guard installed into a stainless steel head. The head threads directly onto the end of your 3/4” npt pressure gun and allows for safe and effective excavation. The guard prevents abrasive splashback from damaging the stainless steel head. The Attack Tips are replaceable, allowing operators to change heads from truck to truck.



Super Centralizer WS 084
- 4.5” diameter
Super Centralizer WH 085
- 5.6” diameter WG 085 - 6.9” diameter
6-Wheel Adjustable Centralizer
WG 286-M-P16
For 13” to 40” diameters.



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